Sometimes its hard to find stories of womxn in their 30's and 40's , 50's and 60's, their 70's, 80's 90's getting into the outdoors and absolutely owning it. If those stories are hard to find it makes it hard to see ourselves growing up and becoming those people.


Do you ever get the feeling when you meet someone older than you skiing, or climbing or running and think, I want to be like them when I'm that age. right? 

This podcast is here to give you a lot of that feeling. It turns out womxn of all ages, and backgrounds are getting out and doing incredible things, we just don't really talk about them, until now.


Putting a shout out on the Facebook Group ""Adventure Queens" for womxn to interview, Frankie made a promise to herself that if 6 people replied she would visit them and make that a trip! 

With over 150 initial comments and more womxn coming forward all the time Frankie had a serious logistical undertaking to try and work out how to visit as many of them as possible. 

Deciding to try and cycle 60Km a day and with approximately 2 months free Frankie planned a rough loop around England with trips into Wales and Scotland. 

The trip was completed on the 24th October after 71 days on the road, racking up a total of 3,175Km and having consumed an awful lot of PBJ sandwiches. 


Hiker, Climber, Skier, and all round lover of mountains, Despite what it looks like Frankie doesn't really cycle, only buying her bike Gwen during lockdown spring 2020. 

She works Freelance in Tourism, Events, and Sustainability, and seeing the perfect gap between jobs jumped at the chance to do a 2 month cycle trip (with no previous experience). 

Frankie is available for speaking engagements, podcasts and interviews and more information can be found at FrankieDewar.co