Image Le Perron as talked about in the podcast. A photo Shadi keeps as her screen saver to remind her of everything she has already achieved and what it's possible to overcome... 

Welcome to Episode 4 - Where host Frankie talks to Shadi. Shadi had replied to a shout out on the Adventure Queen’s facebook page for people to talk to as part of the trip. Seeing the reply Frankie was so excited to speak to her, Shadi’s facebook is full of mountains and the very exciting news that she is going to the arctic in 2022, Frankie couldn't wait to find out more. 


They talked about:


  • How Shadi started mountaineering to raise money for charity and has now climbed Mont Blanc , Elbrus , and the Matterhorn 

  • Starting in her early 40’s - Shadi hates the cold, dislikes risk, and is afraid of heights. 

  • Using her challenges to raise money for charity and fueling her trips with purpose. She is now planning to go to the north pole in 2022 

  • Talks passionately about adventure as a mum 

  • Explains more about the trip to the north pole 

  • We dive into the story of her first moutnain mont blanc , not understanding layering, or crampons, rasing money for children with cancer and saying “Climbing a mountain is easy surely compared to their treatment” 

  • What happened on Elbrus, getting caught in a storm, missing the summit, and going for another sumit push the next day 

  • Being Vegan and moutnaineering 

  • How the outdoors has always been a prominant part of Shadi’s life. 

  • Finding time to keep adventure in life through making an appointment with herself , putting it in the diary 

  • All about Shadi’s experience talking in schools 

  • Her journey - and how she feels like she is where she was dreaming of as a child. 

  • What made her go for it and start mountaineering - Wanting to fundraise more, feeling like she couldn’t just keep asking people to pay for her to run marathons. 

  • The Advice to think about what makes you feel alive and help others. 

  • Authenticity , looking back on life and thinking “wow that was a dress rehearsal, and it was a bad one.” 

  • Go Sample life - and just live in it 

  • What bravery is, saying “bravery and stupidity go hand in hand” 

  • A moment of brave - on the Perrons in switzerland 

  • The Importance of surrounding yourself with the right supportive friends 


And leaving with the advice “Live your life, don’t plan to much, and don’t look back in regret, listen to your gut” As well as to “Dare to be different, being different allows you to grow, being different allows you to be happy”   


You can find out more about Shadi here: 


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Find out more about her cycle trip here. 


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