Welcome to Episode 5 - Where host Frankie talks to Victoria Teal, in a campsite in Well’s whilst having a nice cuppa tea. This conversation is full of laughter but also full of pretty important topics, going deep into mental health, and depression. 


They talked about:


  • What Victoria does for work as a University Admin, her climbing and her love of the outdoors 

  • What the outdoors means to Victoria 

  • What Climbing she does - Currently sport but also a lover of trad, with her favourite being big adventurous days in the alps 

  • How her dad got her into climbing

  • Geocaching and letterboxing 

  • Yoga 

  • Victoria’s Photography and how photography interplays with her love of the outdoors 

  • Her Writing 

  • Travelling across america on Greyhound busses , overcoming the man who didn’t want to sell her the ticket as “a young lady travelling alone” 

  • How she started writing with her grandma encouraging them to write diaries as children 

  • Writing books for herself, about her travels, and now writing one with the hope to get published 

  • Victoria’s support network and family 

  • How to support people struggling with mental health 

  • How her journey has shaped who she is now - giving her more confidence to know what makes her happy and go after it 

  • Learning to have self worth ,

  • How meeting someone at a climbing gym turned into a move to Korea 

  • How hard it is sometimes to choose a more adventurous lifestyle - people don’t empathise with struggles saying “you chose this” and its hard for family with different benchmarks of success. 

  • Living authentically - doing and saying the things that make Vicky happy. 

  • About hospitalisation for mental health 

  • How Bravery depends on what scares you, and sometimes it can be saying no to something. 

  • How happiness feels like a nice cup of tea 

  • Taking up space - and not sitting like a lady

  • How climbing guidebooks having womxn on the front comes across less as representation and more as monopolising the sexualisation of womxn. 


And leaving with the advice “Ditch that boyfriend, sooner than you did” and the advice “go to therapy sooner, and stick with it” 

You can find out more about Victoria Teal here:

And Resources for Mental Health Support: 

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Find out more about her cycle trip here. 


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A comparison of my tent and Vicky's tent: Mines on the left, hers is the green one on the right...