Welcome to Episode 8. Where host Frankie talks to Zoe Langly Walthen, in her house boat on the canal in llanfoist, with a view over the valley. It was chucking it down, and having cycled through the rain from llangorse Frankie spent the afternoon with Zoe, drinking tea, eating cake, and watching the canal go by. Whilst she was there they talked about: 


  • An overview of Zoe as an adventure seeker, blogger, speaker, and lover of the outdoors 

  • Long distance hiking 

  • Outdoors yoga, and getting over what other people think of you 

  • Doing the South West Coastal path , crossing rivers, wild camping and overcoming fears 

  • What happened next? Coming back after the coastal path and going back into work braver, being asked the question “what are you doing next?”

  • Walking around wales, taking on more long distance hiking trips. 

  • Zoe’s 100 mappy days challenge. - Walking routes from a map 

  • 100 scary days challenge, doing 100 things that scare her - from riding a motorbike, to stepping off a ladder onto scaffolding. 

  • Why they moved onto a house boat , and how they are finding it. 

  • Advice to someone doing their first long distance walk 

  • Expectation vs Reality of your first solo hike - why a frying pay and small two cup egg holder didn’t get used ! 

  • Zoe’s journey into the outdoors from living in the mendips as a child. 

  • Following the River Yeo - under the m5 motor way 

  • How doing the SW coast path felt like going against the grain, with people asking her why, and if she is sure it’s safe. To the bnb owner who was cross at her for putting herself in danger by doing it alone 

  • Moving from full time teacher to supply work 

  • How being authentic is about being honest about bravery, Zoe says that she is really a scaredy cat and doesn’t want to come across brave when she is really scared 

  • Starting the Head right out hub, what it is and where its going 


Before leaving us with the advice “Don’t Wait. If you have a dream, don't wait. Just get on and do it.” 


You can find out more about Zoe here: 

Head Right Out Group - FB 

Biggest Book of Yes

Head Right Out Twitter 

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Find out more about her cycle trip here. 


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